Joan Pleune and Connie Norgren

Recorded April 29, 2022 Archived April 29, 2022 37:34 minutes
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Connie Norgren (76) interviews her friend, Joan Pleune (83), about her time as a Freedom Rider and her continued anti-racist, anti-war, and anti-solitary confinement activism.

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JP talks about her upbringing in New Jersey, her experience when her first college integrated, and her transfer to UC-Berkley.
CN asks how JP became a Freedom Rider. JP shares that students were recruited by the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) and the travel from California to Jackson, Mississippi.
JP talks about her imprisonment after the Freedom Rides and the effects of her imprisonment.
JP talks about the Granny Peace Brigade and her anti-war political efforts.
CN asks JP about her activism. JP talks about her involvement with anti-racist and anti-solitary confinement organizations.
CN shares the ways JP has been honored for her activism.
JP shares her experience as a literacy teacher.


  • Joan Pleune
  • Connie Norgren

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YWCA Brooklyn

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