Joan Yamate Taketa and Celeste Johnston

Recorded March 2, 2020 Archived March 2, 2020 37:25 minutes
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Joan Yamate Taketa (53) talks with her friend of many years Celeste Johnston (54) about what she has learned of her paternal family history, how it happened that the family was split up during World War II and what their experiences were with the Hiroshima bombing in Japan and internment camps in the US.

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JYT recounts the members of her father's immediate family, the time they spent in the US and Japan and what they did.
JYT talks about how her father and grandfather went to Japan to bring her aunt to the US, but were not able to return because of World War II. She describes their life in Japan.
JYT recounts what she knows of her grandmother and aunt's experience of the Hiroshima bombing and how her grandmother's fluency in English was useful.
JYT talks about how her grandfather made arrangements for the rest of the family to come back to the US. She talks about the family members who got cancer possibly as a result of the bombing, and what what happening back in the US in war time.
CJ and JYT discuss their family's connection in Fresno, CA. JYT recounts some of her in-law's stories of the war.
CJ tells the story of her grandmother's reaction to her parent's wedding.
CJ and JYT recall some of their childhood memories and favorite teachers.
CJ recounts some of her German family history.
CJ and JYT talk about why preserving history is important.


  • Joan Yamate Taketa (b. 1966)
  • Celeste Johnston (b. 1965)

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