Joan Zoloth and Helen Zoloth

Recorded January 6, 2020 Archived January 6, 2020 01:18:00
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Joan Zoloth (65) talks with her mother Helen Zoloth (99) about what Helen's life has been like as a life-long resident of Los Angeles. Together, they talk about Helen's earliest memories of Los Angeles, how she met her late husband to whom she was married for 72 years, and how she saved up her money to attend UCLA in order to receive her teaching credentials.

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H talks about her earliest memories of L.A., describes her screen porch on her childhood home
H talks about how her mother and father met
H talks about what L.A. was like growing up, talks about school, remembers her teachers names
H recalls going to downtown L.A. and seeing her dad cry because they lost their house to the bank during the great depression
H talks about wanted to get a teaching credential at UCLA
H talks about meeting her husband, says it was love at first sight more or less
H talks about Zolot of CA which was a womens clothing manufacturing company where she worked with her husband
H describes introducing herself to Eleanor Roosevelt at the UN during a trip to NYC
H talks about wanting to be remembered as a kind person, wishes her great grandkids to be wise and healthy


  • Joan Zoloth (b. 1954)
  • Helen Zoloth (b. 1920)

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Downton Santa Monica