Joanna Bjerum and Lyndia DeShazer

Recorded October 24, 2022 Archived October 24, 2022 39:12 minutes
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One Small Step partners, Joanna Bjerum (41) and Lyndia DeShazer (79) are natives Kansans that share their experiences in their careers, their family histories, and a love for their state.

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LB's father was the second resident in lion county Kansas and JD is the 5th generation of native Kansans. They connect over their Kansas roots and what they love about it.
LB was a teacher for 31 years in Kansas public schools teaching a variety of subjects from home economics for leading her school’s computer program in the 1980s.
JD talks about her time at Bethel College serving as a therapist.
JD describes her experience being in a biracial couple in Kansas with an Asian man who was adopted by Norwegian Mennonites at a young age.
LB talks about her two daughters and grandchildren, she notes one grandchild that passed away from SIDS.
JD describes her mother and how she sees her personality in her children.
LB’s husband Phil passed away a year ago and she remembers the day he passed away from COVID-19.
LB describes Phil’s personality and his profession as a large machine operator.
JD shares the various social issues that she is passionate about.
LB became a Christian at 35 and shares what her relationship with religion was beforehand.
LB has lived in an under ground cave house for 20 years.
JD shares why she decided to become a therapist.
LB compliment's JD for the work she does.


  • Joanna Bjerum
  • Lyndia DeShazer

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