Joe Filisko & Harlan Terson

Recorded December 9, 2017 Archived December 9, 2017 34:26 minutes
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A conversation between Joe Filisko, blues harmonica player and teacher, and Harlan Terson, touring and teaching bass player. Harlan remarks on his luck to experience the zenith of the blues era and working with several Chicago Blues Legends. Joe remembers how his white hot enthusiasm for music led him to announce to the Old Town School in 1992 that they needed to hire him as a teacher. He subsequently developed a whole curriculum for teaching blues harmonica and continues to work with Harlan as teacher in the Old Town School's Blues School. This conversation was recorded at the school on September 27th, 2017. Go to to hear selected excerpts from interviews collected as part of the StoryCorps-Old Town School partnership.


  • Harlan Terson
  • Joe Filisko
  • Old Town School of Folk Music