Joe Montalvo and Amy Weinstein

Recorded December 9, 2021 Archived December 9, 2021 47:24 minutes
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Amy Weinstein (64) interviews new friend Joe Montalvo (60) about his experience responding to the September 11th attacks as a construction worker and how his life changed since then, including his employment, health, and financial standing.

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Joe (J) talks about growing up in the Lower East Side. He shares that he worked in construction but is now on permanent disability. He adds that he has a twenty-seven year old daughter.
J shares that on September 11th, he was working across the street from World Trade Center and had headed home to the Bronx. He says when he learned a plane had hit the second tower, he got in his truck and headed back to World Trade Center. J says he volunteered to go into the hole and search for people. He describes what he heard and saw. J says he now suffers from claustrophobia and has been diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety.
J details how sick he became after volunteering and working at World Trade Center. He talks about how his mother supported him.
J further explains how sick he became and how illness led to him loosing employment. He talks about how Project HOPE and Henry Street Settlement really supported him during this time and helped him get back on his feet.
J talks about his pet dog and companion Coco.
J describes what it was like when he learned about PTSD. He talks about how he worked with a social worker and psychiatrist for some time, the medication he takes, and how they help him throughout his day.
J speaks about what he learned from the attacks on the world trade center and his experience responding to the attacks.
J recalls signing a beam when he was onsite at the world trade center and how it is now in the 9/11 Memorial and Museum.
J talks about his 9/11 tattoos and their significance.
J emphasizes that the state needs to recognize construction and iron workers and other laborers who responded to the 9/11 attacks.
J says more on what it was like seeing the beam he signed in the 9/11 memorial and museum with his daughter Samantha.


  • Joe Montalvo
  • Amy Weinstein

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The National September 11 Memorial & Museum

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