Joe Nahama and Rodney Nahama

Recorded March 11, 2020 Archived March 11, 2020 33:52 minutes
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Joe Nahama (54) talks to his father, Rodney Nahama (87), about his family's Greek roots, Rodney's life being born in New York City and later moving to Los Angeles with his family, and his long career in the oil industry.

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RN talks about his parents and moving to Los Angeles with his family during his childhood.
RN discusses his family's Greek roots.
RN shares what he remembers of his parents while he was growing up.
RN talks about his younger brother. He remembers what it was like going to school while living in Los Angeles.
RN recalls his time as a student at UCLA, and working at a flower shop while he was in school.
RN talks about being drafted into the military after college.
RN talks about his work in the oil industry and what allows him to continue working now at his age.
RN discusses his children and his grandchildren.


  • Joe Nahama (b. 1965)
  • Rodney Nahama (b. 1932)

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Beale Memorial Library

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