Joe Neustadt & Annette Weinberg

Recorded May 2, 2022 Archived May 2, 2022 16:36 minutes
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Joe shares his story of surviving a Nazi concentration camp. Joe, his brother and father were put into the same camp where he and brother were separated from their father. Their father was immediately sent to the gas chamber. Joe and his brother did what they needed to over the next three years to survive.

When the war was over both he and his brothers were very ill with typhus and went from the prison camp to the hospital. His brother died 10 days later and Joe was the only surviving member of his family. Joe was able to immigrate to the US in 1945 and later married and had a family. Joe was able to secure two mementos of his parents - their passport photos.


  • Annette Weinberg
  • Joseph Neustadt
  • Hear Me Now Providence

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