Johanna Rucker and Saundra Kelley

Recorded December 19, 2021 Archived December 19, 2021 45:26 minutes
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Johanna Rucker (75) sits down with her friend, Saundra Kelley (73), to discuss their experiences growing up in the U.S. South in the 1950s and 1960s.

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SK and JR describe Tallahassee, FL's live oak trees, which have greatly influenced both of them.
SK remembers the racism she saw in her community growing up.
SK recalls what the school integration movement was like in Tallahassee when she was in high school.
SK shares the story of the time she attempted to sit at the back of a public bus to make a statement about racial segregation during her teenage years.
JR and SK talk about McCrory’s Lunch Counter, where SK witnessed a historic civil rights sit-in.
SK reflects on how she shifted her own mindset and behavior after growing up in a segregated community.
JR describes Moultrie, GA, the segregated town in which she lived during her teenage years.
JR and SK talk about the live oak tree where white people lynched Black people in Tallahassee.
SK recalls what Smokey Hollow, a neighborhood in Tallahassee, was like before an urban renewal project changed the area.
SK remembers her friend who washed windows at the Putnam Jewelry, where her father worked.
SK shares how growing up around so much prejudice affected her.
SK remembers the woman who cared for her growing up.


  • Johanna Rucker
  • Saundra Kelley