John Babcock Part 2: "You're not a man if you're not scared; you're not a man if you don't cry"

Recorded May 26, 2018 Archived May 26, 2018 27:14 minutes
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Discussion of John's relationship with his siblings and parents. We talked about the death of his father and later on, his mother. Childhood stories and memories and how his sister affected him. His life from the streets to Brookdale. He told me about how he got into the motorcycle club and how he felt throughout his time as a Mongol. We talked more about his brothers and the differences in their attitudes toward John's passion for biking. We talked again about how his sister supported him and how she continues to be a special part of John's life. He gave me advice about avoiding danger in life and that fear is okay, but being hurt is not. John talked about how the death of each of his parents changed his life in different ways and how he grew up as an overweight boy and teenager.


  • John Babcock