John Duffy and Cliff Groh

Recorded November 22, 2021 Archived November 22, 2021 55:23 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners John Duffy (68) and Cliff Groh (67) discuss threats to democracy, issues in Alaska, and their political beliefs.

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John Duffy (JD) talks about why he wanted to participate in this conversation.
Cliff Groh (CG) talks about why he wanted to do this conversation.
JD talks about what he thinks is threatening American democracy.
CG talks about being worried that people don't believe election results.
JD says that a source of issues in the United States is that we have been habituated with division.
JD talks about being raised by a single mom.
CG talks about what he thinks should happen to the Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend.
JD talks about the issues of informing people about how the Permanent Fund Dividend's finances work.
JD discusses fiscal conservatism.
CG talks about pay disparity in the private sector.
JD talks about people with the same political beliefs being condescending and not checking facts.
JD talks about how people can come together as a country.


  • John Duffy
  • Cliff Groh

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