John Johnson, Jonathan Johnson, and Keilah Johnson

Recorded February 5, 2022 Archived February 5, 2022 42:19 minutes
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John A. Johnson (69) speaks with his son Jonathan Johnson (33) and his daughter Keilah Johnson (32) about his life growing up in the South.

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John speaks about knowing love when his grandmother C. Belle Johnson gave her great hugs
John says growing up in Toccoa, Georgia was about church and work. He speaks about his grandfather John Johnson, Sr., a preacher.
Jonathan asks John about the oldest relative he knew growing up. John talks about his great grandmother Olivia Smith who was known as Momma Livie
Saddest moment growing up for John was when his grandfather passed right after President Kennedy.
John speaks about integrating Murphy High School in Atlanta, GA, in 1965.
Keila asks John about work and jobs he had after graduating high school
John worked at Norfolk-Southern for 36 years. He often passed through Toccoa, GA, and would take time to sit with his great grandmother Momma Livie.
Jonathan asks John to tell the story about the Murphy High Track team and the Athletic Director Max B. Ivey from APS and the trophies that disappeared.
John explains that every time we win, they change the rules


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