John Sroufe and Diane DiSanto

Recorded September 24, 2023 Archived September 24, 2023 39:48 minutes
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John Sroufe (74) speaks with his wife, Diane DiSanto (74), about his time as a photographer in the US Air Force during the Vietnam War. John expresses his moral qualms about serving in the military, recalls his initial resistance to being drafted, and speaks about his health issues due to Agent Orange.

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John (J) speaks about his experience serving in the Air Force during the Vietnam War and his moral qualms with his time in the Military.
J discusses making a pact to serve with his brother Russ who was ultimately disqualified from the draft due to mental illness.
J recalls wanting to be a fireman and being placed in a photography role— taking photos from the aircraft and learning to read film negatives.
J speaks about being affected by Agent Orange through a cancer diagnosis and having to prove his exposure.
J speaks about transferring to a base in South Carolina and taking on a janitorial position in order to distance himself from the harm caused by the US military.
J speaks about receiving an Air Force accommodation medal and the shame he felt being awarded for his service.
J talks about reuniting with his brother in Anchorage and his resistance to accepting his brother’s Schizophrenia.
J explains why he doesn’t discuss his military service with other veterans.
J remembers his friend Greg who was missing in action.
J and D speak about how they met.


  • John Sroufe
  • Diane DiSanto

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