John Wooten and Jessica Wootel

Recorded February 18, 2022 Archived February 18, 2022 41:09 minutes
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Jessica Wootel (38) shares a conversation with her father-in-law, John “Wayne” Wooten (73), remembering John’s wife, Merry Edenton-Wooten.

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JW talks about Merry’s upbringing and how he and Merry met.
JW remembers his wedding day and talks about the beginning of his marriage.
JW talks about Merry’s work at the planetarium.
JW talks about Merry’s work with computers and the internet.
JW talks about Merry’s love of animals.
JW talks about his family’s participation in scouting and about celebrating Earth Day.
JW talks about Merry’s proposal for the Hubble Space Telescope.
JW talks about Merry’s involvement in politics.
JW remembers his last years with Merry.
JW talks about Merry developing Alzheimer’s.


  • John Wooten
  • Jessica Wootel

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The Spring Entrepreneur Hub