Jonathan Zelinger and Sherron Magyar

Recorded August 25, 2023 Archived August 25, 2023 35:44 minutes
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One Small Step partners Jonathan Zelinger (26) and Sherron Magyar (75) have a conversation about impactful moments within their lives and how patriotism is perceived.

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Jonathan Zelinger (JZ) and Sherron Magyar (SM) discuss why they decided to participate in a One Small Step conversation.
SM reveals what her upbringing was like and how she came to her political views.
SM talks about being a grandmother and the joy she gets out of it.
JZ discloses what it was like growing up with grandparent who were Holocaust survivors.
SM talks about how she felt when she ran a mattress store and loved to interact with people.
SM looks at the the strain that politics have put on her life ending with her and her brother no longer talking.
JZ reflects on how many people have been drawn to Donald Trump.
JZ and SM discuss what patriotism means to them and how the idea of patriotism has changed overtime.
SM talks about having a granddaughter who is non-binary and how her family has been supportive.


  • Jonathan Zelinger
  • Sherron Magyar

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