Jordan Kirk and Dean Paron

Recorded August 24, 2022 Archived August 24, 2022 01:04:49
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One Small Step conversation partners Jordan "Jordy" Kirk [no age given] and Dean Paron (52) talk about their mutual love for the outdoors and where it came from and division in our country and community.

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DP decided to participate because the country is divided and it's easier to dislike someone when you don't know them.
JK signed up at the recommendation of his friend Rhonda who encouraged him to participate and bring a local perspective to the conversation. He also says that regardless of the news, he doesn't think we're all as far apart as we think we are.
DP and JK talk about how people in their family have vastly different politics and everyone gets along.
JK says that our government is barley a democracy and doesn't represent people and that we have a ruling class and it's impossible for a 3rd party to get in.
JK says he'd like to see much less government overall and that there's too much control by government in our daily lives.
JK was influenced by his grandparents particularly his dad's dad as he was comfortable being out in the woods and also by his teacher at tech school.
DP was influenced by his grandfathers also-one democrat and one republican both loved the outdoors. he grew up hunting and fishing with them and that's where he got his love of the outdoors.
DP says he's a bit of a mix politically but leans left. passionate about natural resources and climate change impacts. As an EMS he's seen firsthand terrible inequality that exists in our country.
JK says he's conservative on most things and likes the ideals of the republican party but they have forgotten those ideals. He considers himself more of an independent or libertarian and is frustrated with the two party system. he recently made the decision to vote for the candidate he actually wants instead of the lesser of two evils. Overall he credits his remote upbringing for his conservative views. Living at the end of the Gunflint Trail they had to be self sufficient.
JK says he considers himself pagan. His spirituality is about being outdoors in nature. He says he's not anti-christian but anti organized religion.
DP was raised in a christian home and school but moved away from that as he got older until his oldest son was born very premature and at that point he says he needed something bigger to hold on to.
JK says the biggest divide locally is between motor and non-motorized outdoor enthusiasts.
DP says conversations like this are a good start "seek first to understand"
JK says he feels like the division between motor and non motor folks is a misunderstanding. motor folks care about the environment too and are not just leaving a trail of beer cans and gasoline in their wake.
worry about polarization and the lack of free thinking and govt. becoming ineffective and politicians not working together.
JK locally is worried about the community aging and young people being priced out of the community.
JK & DP talk about community viability and struggles to staff the hospital and emergency services.
JK says we've always been tourism based but there used to be more economic diversity but that is disappearing (logging etc) & property is too expensive and out of reach for regular people.
JK says a solution could be to make more land available and alternatives to septic mound system.


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