Jose Alfaro and Shannon Sigamoni

Recorded June 10, 2021 Archived June 9, 2021 35:31 minutes
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Jose Alfaro (30) talks with his colleague Shannon Sigamoni (28) about coming out to his family, getting kicked out of his home, and searching for acceptance. He discusses how he found resilience in himself while he was forced into sex labor, and talks about the importance of sharing his story to help other survivors and members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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Jose talks about sharing his story to help other survivors and LGBTG people.
Jose talks about getting kicked out of his home for being gay and the beginning of his experience with sexual abuse by an older man.
Jose talks about meeting a man named Jason online who convinced Jose to move to Austin, TX for work that he later learned was intended to be sex work.
Jose talks about the impact of forced sex labor on the rest of his life, leading him into drug abuse and finding sugar daddies online. He talks about one of his sugar daddies who convinced Jose to go back to school.
Jose talks about resilience and what kept him going through difficult experiences in his life. He remembers his parents, who taught him to have a strong work ethic.
Jose talks about the importance of including all survivor voices in anti-trafficking work. He shares a memory of interacting with someone at a conference who shared how moved she was by his story.
Jose gives advice to people who are interested in the anti-trafficking field.
Jose talks about the book he is writing about his life, and shares how he hopes to be remembered.


  • Jose Alfaro
  • Shannon Sigamoni

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