Jose Rivera and Marianne Rivera

Recorded April 15, 2022 Archived April 15, 2022 44:57 minutes
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Mother and son Marianne Rivera (93) and Jose "Michael" Rivera [no age given] talk about Marianne's experience as an Eastern European refugee in World War II and her hopes for the future.

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MR asks MR about her childhood in Ortlesburg, a country that no longer exist due to Germany during WWII. She recounts her childhood during the Nazi regime in Eastern Europe.
MR speaks about her family, the losses she faced and the importance of unity. She speaks in detail about her brother who was pilot during WWII.
MR talks about the indoctrination she experienced in her childhood to be against Jewish people - specifically business owners - in Europe.
MR remembers when Hitler went to visit her town as a child. She remembers how there was a shift for her and her brother as WWII went on. They grew out of their indoctrination and began to see what was really happening through Europe.
MR remembers 01/02/1945 - the day her hometown was bombed by the Russians. Since her dad was the head of police, she was able to get on the last train out of her town, but it was headed to Russia. She shares how they were able to escape various traumatic experience and get on a train to Berlin.
MR shares her favorite experiences from her travels. She has lived and visited 60 countries, and notes that Spain is her favorite country that she lived in.
MR shares that at the end of WWII, her brother disappeared after the war. She tells the story of how she found her brother after years of not seeing him after an encounter with a German woman in Spain.
MR shares how she found her sister who disappeared during WII as a prisoner of war. MR wrote to the Red Cross to connect her to her sister.
MR emphasizes the need for peace and kindness in the world.


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