Josh Hurwit and Bob Firpo

Recorded August 26, 2022 Archived August 26, 2022 40:19 minutes
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Assistant United States Attorney Bob Firpo (43) interviews his colleague Josh Hurwit (42) about Josh's role as the U.S. Attorney for the District of Idaho.

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Josh (J) talks about leaving a big city law firm to move to Boise, ID to serve in various public roles. He is currently the U.S. Attorney for the District of Idaho.
(J) talks about the challenges of working in public office especially dealing with different opinions and trying to get a politically divided public on the same page.
(J) Talks about the political division currently happening in America.
(J) talks about what he hopes to accomplish in his role as U.S. attorney. He wants his office to be connected to the community and help support initiatives in education, crime, and drug prevention.
(J) talks about his passion for working for the government. He talks about how it has developed him personally and professionally while allowing him to make a difference in the community.
(B) gives advice to (J) about how to be the best U.S. Attorney possible.


  • Josh Hurwit
  • Bob Firpo

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Boise State Public Radio