Josh Pond and Aidan Pond

Recorded April 20, 2022 Archived April 20, 2022 39:50 minutes
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Aidan Pond (23) interviews his father, Josh Pond (50), about his upbringing, military service in the Marine Corps, and how that experience impacts him 20 years later.

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AP asks JP about his thoughts on the military and Marine Corps before enlisting. JP says he had no military exposure because his parents were hippies.
JP shares how while attending Stanford, he had to compete his ROTC at Berkley. He describes the politics behind the separate of schools due to Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Other historical factors include the "peaceful" time period of the 1980's.
JP describes his military experience from 1994-08/2001. He describes the nuance of serving in the Marine Corps during peace time.
AP asks JP about his deployment and community support. JP shares the importance of a marine family. He shares how his father's class sent him letters and his mother-in-law recorded popular television shows on VHS.
JP shares the journey of his deployment, a cruise from San Diego to Kuwait. He also shares how Marines interacted with the communities.
AP asks JP how his worldview changed after deployment. He shares his feelings about leaving the Marines one month before 9/11, and the nuances of the past 20 years in the Middle East.
AP asks JP hoe his time as a Marine impacts him 20 years later. JP shares how he values the role of the Marine Corps and his critiques of certain wars.
AP asks JP about the treatment of veterans. JP shares that he is concerned about the treatment of veterans, especially since since as a country we have so much military pride.


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