Joshua Sinclair and Eian-Gabriel Sinclair

Recorded July 24, 2021 Archived July 24, 2021 07:37 minutes
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Eian-Gabriel Sinclair (14) interviews his father, Joshua Sinclair (60), about his own father and the lingering regret of not having his voice recorded.

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EGS asks his father how long it will take for his voice to change and when his voice will stop cracking.
JS shares the story of why his father was the best father there was
“What do you remember or miss the most about him?” EGS asks.
JS shares the regret of not having his father's voice recorded.
“For your own sake, I hope that you will also be sure to record, safely preserve, and cherish all the special moments. Especially with the people that you’ll miss when they’re no longer here,” JS says to his son, EGS.


  • Joshua Sinclair
  • Eian-Gabriel Sinclair