Joyce Fehlau and Rosa de Rosa

Recorded May 14, 2020 Archived May 14, 2020 39:29 minutes
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Partners Joyce Fehlau (23) and Rosa de Rosa (26) reflect on the challenges of being in a long distance relationship, how self-isolating has changed their dynamic, and how the COVID-19 pandemic may change their lives in the future.

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JF and RR talk about how their communication has changed during quarantine and self-isolation.
RR and JF reflect on the beginning of their relationship.
JF recalls being sick, possibly with COVID-19, and how that shifted the energy in the relationship. JF and RR talk about the decisions they had to make in March, leading them to the US and specifically to JF's parents' home in Boise, ID.
RR and JF reflect on the ways moving to Boise has been different for them. They talk about the ways being in a long distance relationship was hard and how they see their relationship changing.
JF things about how it will feel to return to social situations in the future.
RR reflects on what's scary about life back in Berlin. RR and JF talk about how they want to be living together and what it might look like for them to be together in Berlin or wherever they choose to go.
JF reflects on how her social interactions with friends and acquaintances has shifted from just a year ago and how the pandemic might change them still more.
RR reflects on being away from Berlin and how her home there has shifted.
JF and RR discuss how they're so comfortable with each other and how unusual and special that feels.


  • Joyce Fehlau
  • Rosa de Rosa

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00:01 Joyce fehlau, I'm 23 years of age. Today is Thursday, May 14th 2024 in Boise, Idaho.

00:15 And I'm here with Rosa who's my partner.

00:22 My name is Rosa De Rosa age is 26 years old. Today is Thursday, May 14th 2024 in Boise, Idaho. I'm here with you.

00:54 Pick up a little bit.

00:57 Yeah a little bit of

01:16 Relationship

01:24 Yeah, well, how do you think?

01:29 How do you think this time it's really?

01:50 Because yeah, yeah.

02:02 Naruto Banner live

02:08 Now it's time for the last 3 months.

02:27 I'm really coming into it not knowing.

02:30 What we've been hard all this time in.

02:34 Was being together everyday.

02:59 Weather

03:09 What we want to do with each other.

03:41 I would almost be coming back to Berlin now.

03:55 I was in primary we spent Christmas together this last year.

04:19 Indoor tennis shop

04:30 Purple flats

04:35 Unknown

04:47 Other people

05:15 I don't know.

05:24 Yeah, I mean I think in some ways it's right interesting that.

05:31 I became so sick.

05:50 It was becoming not so.

05:54 Coronavirus

06:03 And I think that likely switch starting a microphone.

06:52 A lot of slime

07:30 And enjoy yourself

07:54 I mean, we only I guess our flight was canceled and then we had sent a decision like that.

08:07 Return and the only reason you

08:16 A cup

08:32 InStyle picked up a Car 2 hours left in the dark somewhere outside of San Francisco.

09:02 And I got up early in the morning.

09:12 Oh that your partner.

09:37 It's really late.

09:43 I mean, I think that that that movement coming home or like coming here.

09:50 My friends house

09:59 There is more.

10:10 I never I mean I Met Your Dad.

10:33 It was much more life.

10:37 My parents aren't really reacting very well to

10:42 The entire covid-19

10:46 It's not even in Idaho yet. There's no time together.

11:02 Rites a citizenship

11:25 Oh my God, we're outside of Milan at least.

11:47 New text to me

11:53 I didn't think that this time.

11:59 That will change every season.

12:05 You know when you come back here for a week and half the time exactly.

12:19 Yeah.

12:23 I guess this is one of the things.

12:29 I feel quite grateful for this whole situation together.

12:53 And

12:58 That would have been our

13:01 Are are third or fourth sense of being apart.

13:10 States having this time not just like having you here.

13:17 Being together, but the facts.

13:31 I think that's been a part of my desires for each other and be able to really feel like I can sleep together.

14:00 Not like trusting that we are actually going to be able to stay together and be together like trusting that this us being together in the same space is like a real.

14:33 Are we going to be like?

14:40 Lifestyle reliable FaceTiming all the time

14:47 Investment opportunities

14:52 La Quinta Chris lamp with 5 hours in bed

14:56 What one of us we need to go to school for?

15:14 I think that was some of the hardest I'm serious like right after sharing the space together.

15:28 Will return to the space. It was all just

15:32 Oh, yeah, you were on the computer.

15:37 Your real person right now.

16:07 Disappeared

16:16 Especially if this the whole time and nothing was happening while we were apart.

16:29 No air mattresses started in

16:40 I don't know.

17:03 I think it would be slightly uncomfortable.

17:21 Not funny enough. I feel like it would be a lot easier.

17:27 We in social situations where?

17:31 I regen necessarily new everyone.

17:43 What is something that like?

17:46 I do miss you.

17:53 But I think we're being harder and some whiskey.

17:57 In a room with our friends

18:04 Interacting with them all when they've all been cramped up.

18:12 Let her know trying to find it.

18:21 But I think the flu Less in living room.

18:26 From when I first hospital in the floor.

18:37 In comparison to you when you first got back.

19:03 Neoprene

19:11 Denver creator

19:15 That's your craziness.

19:23 Community classes again

19:33 Not knowing that our time together will be like for you and would love to know that.

20:00 Simultaneously

20:27 She keeps leaving.

20:42 Relationship

20:53 Marrying

20:56 Express myself

21:19 In fact

21:24 Give me first of all, I think it would be different. I know like with all my heart.

21:47 And maybe he like before you came before them.

21:57 Now

22:10 I can't really imagine with me and not working together.

22:18 Not sure Oliver.

22:32 When you worried about you like I mean

22:36 Where are we?

22:40 Especially when I came to Berlin.

22:44 There's like this is no room here like

22:56 All my stuff is here none of your side.

23:13 Myspace this isn't space for like going to be building into a

23:27 Yeah. No, I mean, I think that.

23:31 That'll be interesting going back.

23:35 Currently sharing the room that iPhone

23:43 To have another beer Department.

23:46 We just decided to

24:07 And

24:13 The spaces that we share

24:19 Cuz I don't think that

24:22 I think it's long like both of us gif.

24:27 Like it is and I guess that's hot.

24:33 How to spaces constructed in my car

24:39 The not to worry yourself in, Idaho.

25:05 And he's made all this way to see these beautiful.

25:17 Free worry about finding another apartment or anything like that.

25:44 I'm in the general nurses not finding a job.

26:12 Pierce about how

26:16 It feels to interact with people.

26:22 Before boyfriend mentally but also together.

26:33 Interesting

26:37 And we work on our relationship to all my relationship with.

26:46 Relationship

26:58 My summer and she said you were beautiful and I was so happy you all this relationships all the time.

27:15 In like the president of it in a way that I would speak before.

27:31 And knowing that

27:35 I do want a great deal of my time to do with you.

27:42 Interact

27:45 That will inevitably any way affect our relationship with his relationship with the

27:56 Irrational Fear Community

28:02 You think that?

28:12 In terms of being back in Berlin.

28:23 What you think?

28:25 Like what do you want?

28:44 Getting turned into an understanding what this relationship.

28:57 And I don't

29:00 Make a note that is not.

29:05 Not possible, but not something that I should just expect to go back into.

29:12 You think that also the top of the world and had sex with it?

29:18 Rock The Holly

29:29 Yeah.

29:50 I don't know what like the club scene will be like in Berlin.

30:01 In water Quizlet facilitated water

30:04 Interactions and green together

30:08 People

30:11 What does Facebook look like?

30:18 Infrared about

30:21 Want to be a nurse visas?

30:24 I think I think there is.

30:31 There's the unknown.

30:39 Like for me like this is the longest.

30:47 And

30:49 Not know how that will happen.

31:00 Fix things with your performance

31:14 Your butt your home, they're supposed to have shifted so dramatically.

31:26 Any chance of Passage?

31:35 Your home space

31:46 I don't want or like my experience.

31:56 And I think about these two of the Earth.

32:00 Relationships and communities and how

32:05 Play

32:07 How our relationship like this in the greater confidence that you will all come together right now.

32:38 But this I do know is that like we are going to be together and that I do have a plan for me to say what all my other relationships.

32:58 I mean, I think that this is really important. I'm to feels like we're on in our relationship and like in our relationship to the world and that while it's like the quiet what is going on in our entire world should thing?

33:25 But then are are coming together looking for when he wants to he will house. I don't think we'll have any idea.

33:42 Watch it'll feel like a new year. Like what will be affected remind itself key drawing?

34:00 Pandemic.

34:06 What are

34:12 What do you think?

34:14 How do you say?

34:44 If I had someone but

35:01 Angry or sad

35:06 And chain or like I need to be in my room now, or I don't think

35:21 I can't even imagine like anybody else that.

35:30 I even imagined like with like my best friend.

35:39 Spending all this time.

35:44 I'm insulted just hard to know how much like

35:50 I don't save it like there might be cool.

36:03 And I wonder also if like there's a lot of people who are together right now.

36:13 But not like Jose.

36:16 Ryan like things just suddenly all the space was lifted so that you they were just another.

36:32 Just how that is going away.

37:01 949

37:07 Co springs for their selection and document

37:30 You know, I I wonder who this is for a lot of other people.

37:38 Many Wonders lights

37:57 So much.

38:12 It's hard to it's really just hard to imagine. What would you like?

38:18 And it's so hard to imagine if what are they?

38:25 I don't know.

38:36 You don't have to.

38:53 Now you my question.

38:57 No.

39:10 Yahoo