Joyce Fehlau and Rosa de Rosa

Recorded May 14, 2020 Archived May 14, 2020 39:29 minutes
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Partners Joyce Fehlau (23) and Rosa de Rosa (26) reflect on the challenges of being in a long distance relationship, how self-isolating has changed their dynamic, and how the COVID-19 pandemic may change their lives in the future.

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JF and RR talk about how their communication has changed during quarantine and self-isolation.
RR and JF reflect on the beginning of their relationship.
JF recalls being sick, possibly with COVID-19, and how that shifted the energy in the relationship. JF and RR talk about the decisions they had to make in March, leading them to the US and specifically to JF's parents' home in Boise, ID.
RR and JF reflect on the ways moving to Boise has been different for them. They talk about the ways being in a long distance relationship was hard and how they see their relationship changing.
JF things about how it will feel to return to social situations in the future.
RR reflects on what's scary about life back in Berlin. RR and JF talk about how they want to be living together and what it might look like for them to be together in Berlin or wherever they choose to go.
JF reflects on how her social interactions with friends and acquaintances has shifted from just a year ago and how the pandemic might change them still more.
RR reflects on being away from Berlin and how her home there has shifted.
JF and RR discuss how they're so comfortable with each other and how unusual and special that feels.


  • Joyce Fehlau (b. 1996)
  • Rosa de Rosa (b. 1993)

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