JP Ducro and Mason Hickman

Recorded July 6, 2020 Archived July 6, 2020 42:02 minutes
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One Small Step Conversation partners JP Ducro (49) and Mason Hickman (23) talk about LGBT issues, their political values and the division in the country.

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MH talks about growing up in a rural town and says he identifies as transgender.
JD says he doesn't get to talk to a lot of LGBT people about these topics. MH asks about JD's background living in a rural area.
JD says he's fiscally conservative and wants to give people a hand up, not a hand out.
MH doesn't believe anyone should have as much wealth as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.
MH talks about his dad becoming a trans advocate.
JD and MH talk about what they've learned from this conversation.


  • JP Ducro
  • Mason Hickman

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