Juan Viramontes and Sabine Langer

Recorded October 7, 2019 Archived November 5, 2019 32:46 minutes
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Coworkers Juan Viramontes (39) and Sabine Langer (43) discuss their personal immigration stories and the significance of their social enterprise, Global Cafe.

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JV recounts his childhood and his family's immigration experience.
JV explains how he came to Memphis and became involved in SL's social enterprise, Global Cafe.
SL remembers immigrating from Switzerland to the U.S.
JV describes moments of connection with other immigrants who visit and work at Global Cafe.
SL describes the difficulties of immigrating to the U.S.
JV and SL talk about the difference between being a legal immigrant and a citizen.
JV goes into detail describing Global Cafe.
JV asks listeners to educate themselves on immigration.


  • Juan Viramontes
  • Sabine Langer

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Crosstown Concourse

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