Julia LeRoy and Michelle Lawrence

Recorded May 24, 2022 Archived May 24, 2022 39:16 minutes
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Julia LeRoy (41) interviews her mother, Michelle Lawrence (69), about her family's history and her life growing up in Detroit in the 1960s.

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Julia (J) asks Michelle (M) to talk about her beginnings in Detroit and her family's history.
M describes the ethnicity of her neighborhood and some family history from The Great Depression.
M talks about going to Catholic school as a child and the mean nuns.
M talks about her father building a cabin on a lake in Michigan.
M talks about the Detroit Riots of 1967 and how her family experienced it as it occurred. M also talks about the riot's impact on Detroit as a city.
M talks about how the aftermath of the riots made it so stressful that she left Detroit and moved to Europe for six years.


  • Julia LeRoy
  • Michelle Lawrence

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Atlanta History Center

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