Julia Martinez and Paloma Villalobos

Recorded March 19, 2023 Archived March 19, 2023 37:18 minutes
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Julia "MacLovia" Martinez (82) speaks with her friend and granddaughter Paloma Villalobos (34) about her journey and perspective on life.

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J describes her childhood growing up in lumber camps.
J speaks about joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and describes her mission to Peru and Bolivia.
J describes her education and career working with children with special needs.
J speaks about her husband, children, and grandchildren.
J reflects on the lessons she has learned and the challenges she has faced. She remembers her son Anthony.
J speaks about her retirement and what she likes to do. She reflects on her life and home.


  • Julia Martinez
  • Paloma Villalobos

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Taos Public Library

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