Julia Sinelnikova and Ian Gonzalez

Recorded July 7, 2023 Archived July 7, 2023 42:11 minutes
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Artist Julia Sinelnikova (33) sits down with conversation partner Ian Gonzalez (26) to remember their friend JJ. They discuss their collaborations with JJ at Vector Gallery in New York City and explain how their friendship with JJ shaped their personal life and career.

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Julia (J) speaks about their Russian, Israeli, and American background.
J remembers their friend JJ, recalling how they first met through a mysterious craigslist ad.
J reflects on their early collaborations with JJ.
J explains the origin of their persona known as “The Oracle.”
J describes the Vector Gallery— a “ground floor, glowing night gallery” that housed JJ’s work and performances.
J discusses how their identity became tied up in JJ’s gallery and their “Oracle” persona.
J recalls participating in the art fair Art Basel with Vector Gallery.
J reflects on how the Vector Gallery became a home for them.
J shares a message with JJ.


  • Julia Sinelnikova
  • Ian Gonzalez

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