Julie Lalwani and Courtney Gilbert

Recorded December 21, 2019 Archived December 21, 2019 39:34 minutes
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Julie Lalwani (42) talks to StoryCorps facilitator Courtney Gilbert (28) about experiencing racism in middle school and watching her mother defend her, and later in life experiencing racism in her workplace and needing to defend herself.

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JL remembers experiencing racism as a 7th grader on report card day.
JL recalls how her mother confronted the situation.
JL describes a racist incident that happened to her at work as a financial advisor when her clients verbally assaulted her and spit on her.
JL explains her initial reaction to the abuse from her clients.
JL remembers getting into an argument with a friend shortly after the incident.
JL describes the moment when she finally recognized herself in the mirror.
JL compares her current self to her 7th grade.


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Yuma Art Center