Julissa Ponce and Katherine Chon

Recorded June 8, 2021 Archived June 7, 2021 43:13 minutes
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Julissa Ponce (38) speaks with her colleague in anti-trafficking work, Katherine Chon [no age given], about her family's experience with labor exploitation, the impact of her parents' advocacy in her life, and the loss of her father this past year. Julissa speaks about the misunderstandings when it comes to trafficking and shares her hopes for the future of anti-trafficking work.

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Julissa talks about the labor exploitation she and her family experienced.
Julissa shares a memory of standing up for an injustice she witnessed working in the fields one day.
Julissa talks about the "hierarchy of trauma" in anti-trafficking spaces. She shares her hopes for the future of anti-trafficking work: "We need to walk together."
Julissa talks about her mother and the work she's done for survivors. She remembers her father, who died in April of this year.
Julissa talks about her father's work establishing a bilingual radio station locally in Illinois.
Julissa shares what she would ask her father if he were still alive today.
Julissa talks about how misunderstood labor trafficking is and shares what she thinks it would take for people to acknowledge it for what it is.
Julissa speaks to her grandson in the future, reflecting on the impact of her fathers' work on the legacy of her family.


  • Julissa Ponce
  • Katherine Chon

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