Kadin Kristjansson and her mother, Lori Kristjansson, talk about family heritage and growing up.

Recorded December 2, 2016 Archived December 2, 2016 41:17 minutes
Id: APP278011


This is an interview of Lori Kristjansson (50), conducted November 2016 in St. Louis, MO by her daughter, Kadin Kristjansson (14). From minutes 0-20, Mrs. Kristjansson shares details of her childhood spent all over the western United States and describes her parents and grandparents. Family heritage and ancestry are discussed from minutes 20 through 25. At minute 26, Mrs. Kristjansson shares details of her atypical working life. At the end of the discussion, Mrs. Kristjansson talks about the virtues she learned in her life and wants future generations to value (kindness and problem-solving).


  • Kadin Kristjansson
  • Lori Kristjansson

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