Kaitlyn Gerstler interviewing her mom, Cheryl Gerstler, about her life

Recorded January 8, 2018 Archived January 8, 2018 09:05 minutes
Id: APP458014


In this 2018 interview in Niskayuna, NY, Kaitlyn Gerstler (16) interviews her mom, Cheryl Gerstler (49). Cheryl shares what it was like growing up the youngest in her family in Venetia, PA. She then describes her decision to go to Ohio University and how she chose her major. She talks of how rewarding it has been to raise her two children, Kaitlyn (16) and Kelsey (12). Cheryl ends with saying that everything has a reason for happening and is grateful for everything.


  • Cheryl Gerstler
  • Kaitlyn Gerstler

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