Kamilla Karner

Recorded July 17, 2018 Archived July 17, 2018 14:57 minutes
Languages: English
Id: APP511770


In this episode of our Journey 2 Unity podcast, we discussed an unheard life story in America. Yecenia, an intern at Arts Street intern, had the chance to interview an immigrant from Argentina.

Kamilla Karner shares her opinion on current immigration laws and our current president. She came to the U.S with her siblings and daughters. She had to deal with her husband leaving her, yet she still persevered on pursuing the American Dream!

Kamilla is a local Denver Housing resident, ready to share her story and we, were here to give her a platform to express herself in a safe and positive way. According to her, she's living the American Dream which she acknowledges that some are not able to. We hope by the end of the interview you have a better understanding on immigration through her unique story.


  • Arts Street Youth Employment Academy