Kandee Klein and David Thatcher

Recorded October 27, 2021 Archived October 27, 2021 01:27:54 minutes
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One Small Step conversation partners Kandee Klein (73) and David Thatcher (64) talk about the forces that shaped their political values, perceptions of liberalism and conservatism, patriotism, and what it means to be a Kansan.

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David Thatcher (DT) talks about the liberal friends he has and their debates.
Kandee Klein (KK) discusses family dynamics regarding politics.
Both discuss influential people in their lives: DT father, KK Father-love of music and stewardship of land and mother--curious and love of learning. also, her Nana--be a rebel and independent.
DT talks about his political values and how he was influenced by the feedlot guys and contractors that he worked with.
KK describes her political views--traveling to Mexico made a big impact--working with people who didn't have a social safety net.
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(Track 2) DT explains his concern over misconception of conservatives
KK talks about what she wishes conservatives understood about Democrats--"they are patriotic and concerned with racial equality."
Both address the following themes--patriotism, civil rights, the media
Both talk about what it means to be a Kansan.


  • Kandee Klein
  • David Thatcher

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