Karen Hurst and Cathy Goodacre Smith

Recorded February 25, 2024 Archived February 25, 2024 36:43 minutes
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Lifelong friends Cathy Smith (74) and Karen Hurst (74) reflect on their friendship and growing up together on Fort Myers beach.

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Karen Hurst (KH) talks about how she and Cathy Smith (CS) met.
CS and KH talk about various parallels in their life paths.
KH recalls a swing bridge connecting islands during her childhood.
CS talks about Hurricane Donna of 1960.
CS share memories of attending junior high in Fort Myers.
KH and CS discuss their experience in the school band.
CS asks KH about a beach festival they were involved in.
CS talks about the things that she and KH grew up knowing about their beach environment.
KH discusses her experience attending summer camp.
KH talks about attending school during the Cold War era.
KH and CS share memories of boating as kids.
CS talks about her childhood birthday parties.
CS asks KH about her favorite foods.


  • Karen Hurst
  • Cathy Goodacre Smith

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