Karen Vacaliuc and Michelle Scott-Huffman

Recorded July 28, 2021 Archived July 28, 2021 41:54 minutes
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One Small Step partners, Karen Vacaliuc (53) and Michelle Scott-Huffman (49), talk about their children and their experiences as mothers, their career paths, and their faith.

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MSH and KV reflect on influences in their lives.
KV talks about her three children and their career paths. MSH talks about her two children, one in college and one about to start college.
KV talks about her path to becoming a doula. She talks about how birth is one of many areas where women can feel empowerment.
MSH on becoming a pastor. She talks about growing up in a family that wasn’t religious but feeling drawn to religion from a young age.
MSH on realizing she was gay and how that impacted her marriage and career. She talks about going back to seminary school.
KV on being raised Catholic, moving away from her faith but ultimately returning to Catholicism in college. She talks about meeting her husband and the experiences he had in coming into his faith.
MSH talks about an "obsession" she once had with Pope Francis and how she hopes to write a book about that someday. KV talks about the book she hopes to write.
KV on her Catholic identity and the importance of seeing others as children of God. She talks about making face masks for people at the start of the pandemic.


  • Karen Vacaliuc
  • Michelle Scott-Huffman

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