Kari Baumil, Mary Ward, and Christie Coursey

Recorded February 5, 2022 Archived February 5, 2022 37:16 minutes
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Mary Ward (64) speaks with her daughters Kari Baumil (36) and Christie Coursey (39) about her life growing up after a car accident left her with undiagnosed learning disabilities.

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Christie mentions that Mary was known as Mom until her son was born and became Nana. She asked Mary about the many names that she has had.
Mary speaks about her grandparents Ernest Henry, Jr. and Mattie Guest and their farm in South Carolina.
Mary doesn't remember her grandparents on her mother's side
Kari asks Mary about Ida Mae Jones, who worked for the family
Kari asks Mary about the car accident that left her in a coma when she was a little girl
Mary says that the damage to her brain was significant
Mary had to work harder than most people to "push through."
Kari asks Mary about meeting her husband at the J. C. Penney in East Point in 1978.
They were divorced after 12 years of marriage
Mary explains that she was always bound and determined to push through
Mary speaks about their home considered a little farm in Winston, GA
Mary was afraid her children would have learning disabilities. They speak about a recent visit with the neurologist
Mary became a homeowner at age 60
Mary talks about the power of positive thinking. She believes it works.


  • Kari Baumil
  • Mary Ward
  • Christie Coursey

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