"If you really enjoy it [science], all the work will be worth it." An interview with Matthew Johnson.

Recorded February 25, 2021 Archived February 25, 2021 23:17 minutes
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Dr. Matthew Johnson's research is in atmospheric chemistry, a branch of atmospheric science, which looks at the composition and chemistry of Earth's atmosphere, such as aerosols and trace gas emissions, and how particles may impact human health. Dr. Johnson's research interest is in combining remotely-sensed, modeling, and "in situ" (meaning locally, or on-site) data to evaluate aerosol and trace gas emissions, transport, chemical transformation, and deposition.

In this interview, we discuss Dr Johnson's science journey from his early days living along the coast in North Carolina to now working as a scientist at NASA Ames, and his recent scientific publication using remote sensing data from NASA's Orbiting Carbon Observatory, estimating carbon dioxide emissions during the 2018 Kilauea volcanic eruption.


  • Matt Johnson
  • Kassie Perlongo

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