Katelyn Jurney and Renee' Sites-Erwin

Recorded March 20, 2022 Archived March 20, 2022 25:38 minutes
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Friends and colleagues Katelyn Jurney (30) and Renee’ Sites-Erwin (48) share a conversation about advocating for people who are deaf and hard of hearing. They talk about the importance of both language and cultural access to public services and about barriers they have faced, and have witnessed others facing, when trying to access those services.

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RE explains that the voices heard in the recording will be those of sign language interpreters.
KJ talks about her work as a project coordinator focusing on improving access and resources for Deaf survivors experiencing domestic and sexual violence. RE talks about her work advocating for deaf individuals in Oklahoma.
KJ and RE talk about challenges, barriers, and discrimination they have faced. They also talk about how those experiences inform the work that they do.
KJ and RE talk about challenges that Deaf and Hard of Hearing people face when accessing public services. KJ says that the Deaf community is one of the largest overlooked and underserved communities and that it is a basic human right to be able to access those services.
KJ talks about an experience working at Domestic Violence Intervention Services (DVIS) that reinforced her motivation to make those services as accessible as possible.
KJ and RE talk about the Deaf RISE program and the collaboration between DVIS and TSHA.
RE and KJ have talked about the lessons they have learned from their work.


  • Katelyn Jurney
  • Renee' Sites-Erwin

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Greenwood Cultural Center