Cynthia Cabot shares with her colleague Katherine Chon about growing up in Guam and returning after 30 years to serve her community

Recorded July 30, 2021 Archived July 30, 2021 40:55 minutes
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In this July 2021 conversation, Katherine Chon in Washington, DC interviews her colleague Cynthia Cabot in Guam, "where America's day begins." Cynthia recollects early family influences of accompanying her parents in their education, public safety, and other community service and notes how her own lived experience influences her work. They discuss the struggles and meaning of working on intersections of interpersonal violence, poverty, human trafficking, and related issues with limited resources. Cynthia provides practical guidance on working in community to respond to pressing challenges and provides advice for the young generation of advocates and activists.


  • Katherine Chon
  • Cynthia Cabot

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