Rosie Gomez and Katherine Chon talk about working in the federal government during changes in child welfare responses to human trafficking

Recorded July 30, 2021 Archived July 30, 2021 39:19 minutes
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Katherine Chon interviews her colleague, Rosie Gomez, about their work together in the federal government when new laws required changes in how the child welfare system needed to respond to human trafficking. Rosie reflects on her early influences growing up in a large supportive family and insights of childhood inequity witnessed through travel. They discuss what it was like to establish new federal programming to support child welfare systems to build their capacity to better screen and assist survivors of trafficking. Rosie shares lessons on leadership, the importance of prevention, and thinking creatively of bringing more allies into the work. She ends the conversation reflecting on the impact of parenthood and advice for the younger generation of advocates coming up in leadership.


  • Katherine Chon
  • Rosie Gomez

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