Katherine Chon and Kimberly Casey

Recorded May 14, 2021 Archived May 13, 2021 41:04 minutes
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Colleagues Katherine Chon [no age given] and Kimberly Casey [no age given] talk about their work in human trafficking, reflecting on important lessons they have learned along the way, proud moments in the work, and hopes for the future.

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Kimberly talks about how her career began working in the anti-trafficking realm. She remembers an important shift in her understanding of children who are trafficked that influenced her work.
Kimberly talks about the 6 years she spent developing a research and prevention program, and then moving to the Office on Trafficking in Persons (OTIP) after.
Katherine reflects on her awareness of trafficking in college and how it influenced her career path.
Katherine talks about working in government and what she thought it would be like compared to the reality. She talks about proud moments of her work, like the connections between government and the public as well as the ability to gather statistics on human trafficking to create better policies.
Kimberly shares her appreciation for Katherine's creation of a culture of learning at OTIP.
Katherine reflects on lessons she has learned from her work. She talks about the difficulties of influencing social change and speaks to the power of individual advocacy. She shares her hope for the future that fewer and fewer people will remain neutral on the issue of human trafficking.
Katherine remembers a dream she had once while she was pregnant that became a metaphor for her about human trafficking.
Katherine talks about the science behind the concept of "mattering" and her hope that one day, every child will matter to at least one other person.


  • Katherine Chon
  • Kimberly Casey

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