Kathleen Knoth and Kerry Callegari

Recorded March 18, 2023 Archived March 18, 2023 27:15 minutes
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Sisters Kathleen Knoth (65) and Kerry Lynn Callegari (67) discuss their careers, the University of New Mexico Taos Library, and their experiences as first-generation college students.

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KK shares how she came to Taos, New Mexico, and speaks about starting the University of New Mexico Taos library.
KK and KC discuss their family dynamic and reflect on being first-generation college students.
KK describes the evolution of UNM Taos and the library.
KK and KC reflect on their educational and career paths and on the importance of mentors.
KK describes the joys, challenges, and achievements of her career in librarianship.
KC and KK remember their mother and discuss her influence on their lives.


  • Kathleen Knoth
  • Kerry Callegari

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Taos Public Library

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