Kathleen Mukengezi and Moses Mukengezi

Recorded August 20, 2022 Archived August 20, 2022 37:17 minutes
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Spouses Moses Mukengezi (30) and Kathleen Mukengezi (31) share their love story, and discuss how coming from different cultures enriches their relationship.

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M and K tell the story of how they met as reluctant wingmen. They share their first impressions of each other.
M and K discuss how they each felt learning about the other's culture, and reflect on the different ways they connect with others.
M and K reflect on how being long-distance at the start of their relationship helped them better understand each other. They reminisce about the time they spent commuting between Ontario and Boise.
M and K describe on being in an intercultural relationship enriches their lives. M expresses his appreciation for the effort K put into learning about his culture. He recalls his experience having to learn American culture.
K expresses her admiration for the M's outlook on life. M explains how his upbringing and religion have influenced the way he sees the world.
M remembers his early experiences in the U.S., and how challenging it was to learn how to connect with others while learning English and American culture.
K shares what she appreciates most about M's culture, and expresses how glad she is that their children will grow up with both cultures.
M and K reminisce about their wedding and the ways they combined their cultures.
M and K reflect on what makes them work as partners and parents.


  • Kathleen Mukengezi
  • Moses Mukengezi

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Boise State Public Radio

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