Kathy Corless and Len Corless

Recorded August 27, 2022 Archived August 27, 2022 38:25 minutes
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Spouses Kathy Corless (49) and Len Corless (53) discuss their unexpected love story and reflect on parenthood.

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K and L describe how they reconnected, and where they were in their lives at the time. They discuss all the ways their lives intersected, starting in high school.
K and L recount finding out about their unexpected pregnancy early in their relationship, and share memories of K's pregnancy.
K and L remember their fathers, and the Easter their families spent together before their daughter's birth.
K and L explain how they chose their daughter's name. They share about their children, and how they decided L would be a stay at home dad.
K and L reflect on the people they have lost in recent years, and what they do to honor them. They discuss how loss has impacted their perspectives on life.
K and L discuss the time they've gotten to spend together since K has left her job, and reflect on how they've gotten to where they are in life.
K and L share advice for a great relationship and share some of their favorite memories together.
K and L describe their lives now that their children are older.


  • Kathy Corless
  • Len Corless

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Boise State Public Radio