Katrina Schoenwald and Brett Schoenwald

Recorded February 26, 2020 Archived February 26, 2020 35:00 minutes
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Katrina Oh Schoenwald (35) talks with her husband Brett Schoenwald (39) about how they met at a fundraiser for Able Advocates, a non-profit Katrina founded, what it was like to lose their son Nate and why they keep the non-profit going in his name.

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KOS talks about why she wanted to speak with BS about their work together and why she started a non-profit called Able Advocates.
BS talks about what he does for a living and how he and KOS met through a fundraiser for her non-profit.
KOS and BS recall the next time they worked together a year later and the time BS visited KOS and her son in the hospital.
KOS and BS reflect on how great BS has been with the kids. They recall the day their son Nate died.
BS and KOS reflect on the effects of Nate's passing, big and small, and why they kept the non-profit going.
KOS talks about her and BS's work partnership and why it was important to keep Nate's legacy alive. KOS and BS talk about what they're proud of and how they want to grow.
BS and KOS describe what Nate was like and some of the things he liked to do.
KOS talks about what's next for the non-profit. BS talks about what's next for him.


  • Katrina Schoenwald
  • Brett Schoenwald

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