Kay Miller Temple and David Schmitz

Recorded June 7, 2023 Archived June 7, 2023 36:34 minutes
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Colleagues Kay Miller Temple (66) and David Schmitz (53) talk about the Targeted Rural Health Project and discuss how health equity is being improved in rural areas.

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David (D) and Kay (K) introduce the Targeted Rural Health Education Project.
D talks about his career path and experiences as a rural area doctor.
D and K describe the Community Health Needs Assessment and its impact.
K talks about using the local newspaper for health equity.
D and K discuss the future of their programs.
K shares about a doctor building a relationship with a patient.
K talks about her childhood.
K and D talk about health equity from a high level.


  • Kay Miller Temple
  • David Schmitz

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Howard University Blackburn Center

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