Keisha Head and Diamond Jasmanae

Recorded May 13, 2021 Archived May 12, 2021 35:25 minutes
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Keisha Head (41) and her daughter Diamond Blount (25) talk about their relationship and how they have grown through Keisha's experience adapting to life after prison.

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KH talks about her mother and the difficulty of being raised by someone with schizophrenia.
DB reflects on what she would change about her life. She talks about the difficulty of being raised in a large family and feeling like she had a lot of responsibilities.
KH recalls being in prison when DB was 10 years old. She talks about the grief she felt while she was in prison, and her determination to break generational cycles.
DB talks about a teacher who encouraged her in school.
KH remembers meeting her trafficker as a moment that changed her life. She talks about being in "survival mode" after being trafficked, and wanting to work through those feelings because of DB.
DB talks about her mindset when someone tells her she can not do something.
DB shares how it has been to watch KH adapt to life after prison. KH talks about getting married to her current husband, who she met after she left prison.
DB reflects on how she felt after she learned KH was trafficked.
KH talks about her fear of dying. She shares that her greatest success in life has been mothering.


  • Keisha Head
  • Diamond Jasmanae

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