Keith Pannell and Louie Saenz

Recorded January 15, 2023 Archived January 15, 2023 40:27 minutes
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Louie Saenz (66) interviews friend and colleague Keith Pannell (83) about Keith's life, his involvement in public radio, and his career in academia.

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K describes his upbringing in England and shares his and his family's experience of World War II and the Blitz.
K reflects on his academic career path and the different places it has brought him.
K recalls his time living in Georgia during the Civil Rights Movement.
K reflects on how England has and hasn't changed over the years. He speaks about his love of music and public radio.
K and L discuss K's radio career. K describes his career at the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and how the university has changed during his tenure there.


  • Keith Pannell
  • Louie Saenz

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La Fe Community Center


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