Keke Phooko and Bridget Lynch

Recorded November 7, 2022 Archived November 7, 2022 36:31 minutes
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Friends Keke Phooko (34) and Bridget Lynch (21) discuss their shared experiences as volunteers for Innisfree Village and migrants to the United States.

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Participants recall how they met and describe their relationship to Innisfree Village.
Participants think about their transition to Innisfree and the challenges they faced.
Participants discuss their favorite things about Innisfree.
Participants reflect on how their time at Innisfree has changed their perspectives.
KP speaks about her life before Innisfree.
BL speaks about her life before Innisfree.
Participants discuss how their perceptions of the United States have changed since arriving.
Participants talk about the things they do during their free time.
Participants discuss the 50th anniversary of Innisfree and their perspectives on where the community will go in the future.
Participants share memories of Innisfree.
Participants share closing thoughts.


  • Keke Phooko
  • Bridget Lynch

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Fee for Service