Kelly Ambrose Kelsey, Mattie Bartlett Ambrose, and Colleen Ambrose

Recorded June 3, 2020 Archived June 3, 2020 38:46 minutes
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Mattie Louise Bartlett Ambrose [no age given] speaks with her daughters, Kelly Ambrose Kelsey (64) and Colleen Elizabeth Ambrose (65) about her family's history moving from Ireland to the United States and establishing their own farm in Montana.

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MLBA talks about her family's Irish heritage and the establishment of their family farm in Montana.
MLBA talks about how her family founded Rexford, Montana, which was meant to be Wexford.
KAK talks about her grandfather's marriage to the Sullivan family.
MLBA talks about the schoolhouse that her children attended, before it was burnt down.
KAK shares memories of her grandfather, who she describes as "established".
MBLA talks about getting married at 16 and having children.
MLBA remembers her husband.


  • Kelly Ambrose Kelsey (b. 1956)
  • Mattie Bartlett Ambrose (b. 1934)
  • Colleen Ambrose (b. 1955)

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